How Chair Yoga Helps Anyone To Go From Fat To Fit And Combat Obesity

The figures are shocking! 34.9% of people in the USA are obese. Obese-related illnesses continue to increase. Heart disease, stroke, and type two diabetes. All considered to be leading causes of preventable death.Are your days numbered? Not anymore they aren’t because you’re about to discover how to take control of your weight, get yourself fit, and you don’t even have to get up out your seat to do it.It’s the elephant in the room that’s rarely spoken about, until you see the extreme weight loss documentaries on TV.When obesity becomes so severe, it’s impossible to move.Feeling like you’ve a strap on your back attached to an articulated lorry and you’re expected to lug that thing around the depots yard.

A task that’s impossible for anyone to carry out. For those who are out of shape, how are you supposed to build your body up to cope with the toughest of fitness challenges?Start in small steps and progress!The first thing is to address what’s happening to your body and understand why.Chances are, there’s an element of mental health toying with your mind, and the only way you know of to settle the voices in your inner mind, is to turn the fridge and comfort eat.You can claw your way out of the darkest of holes, silence your inner demons, and grab hold of a feel good factor that will lift your spirits, without lifting a fork.You do that through the chair you’re sitting on reading this. It’s called chair yoga and involves stretching exercises, focusing on your posture awareness and relaxing breathing.Inhaling and exhaling through your nostrils, helping to calm the mind and reduce stress levels, which often induce an episode of comfort eating.Here’s a tip:When you’re breathing for any chair yoga exercise, take some lavender oil and put a single tear drop of it on your top. When you’re inhaling, that essential oil will speed up the time it takes for your mind to relax, helping you offload the stress you’re feeling in an instant.

Chair Yoga Lets You Build Muscle While You Sit. That Extra Muscle Increases Your Body’s Metabolic RateThat’s how you benefit from chair yoga. With every yoga pose you do, it’s increasing your muscle tissue.Muscles are fat burners, so the more you strengthen them, the more they work with your body to burn fat naturally.It’s not going to burn massive amounts in a short space of time, but when applied to a nutritional plan, for controlled weight loss for the long-term, it’s certainly a major first step anyone can do.